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56 Years.  A short time in the world of antiquities, but decades of experience, knowledge and expertise in the business of Restoration and Refinishing.  For over half a century Waskiel Furniture Refinishing has been a New England leader in the Repair, Restoration and Refinishing of Antiques, Furniture, Architecture and Pianos.  Many  Restoration and Refinishing shops have come and gone.  Waskiel Furniture Refinishing has persevered through courteous and professional service, meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.  For over half a century Waskiel Furniture Refinishing has satisfied thousands of customers through a love of Restoration and Refinishing.         

Waskiel Furniture Refinishing uses time tested and honored techniques, combined with the newest finishing technologies and state of the art equipment.  We can help you preserve your valuable antiques, furniture or piano for generations to come.  We know how much you cherish your fine family heirlooms.  Let us help you preserve them.

The following is a list of services that we offer for Antiques, Furniture, Pianos and any item made out of wood.

Repair - Chair regluing, veneer repairs, scratch removal, furniture touch-up, on-site repairs, hardware repair, chips and dents.

Restoration - Antique restoration and preservation, furniture and piano touch-up,
cleaning, waxing, polishing, finish repair, on-site touch-up.

Refinishing - Evaluation of item, stripping, repair, sanding, bleaching if necessary, staining, grain filling, finishing, cleaning and polishing hardware, glass and mirror replacement, assembly.

Corporate - On-Site touch-up and repair of office and commercial furniture scheduled around your needs.  Quick, professional service to keep your office running smoothly.

Insurance and Transit Claims - Estimates, repairs, restoration or refinishing of water, smoke, fire, mold or mildew damaged items. Will work with insurance or moving companies to process claims.

Assembly - Furniture assembly and installation services.

Visit our Photo Gallery to see some samples of our work.

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