Waskiel Furniture Refinishing 

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Waskiel Furniture Refinishing can perform on-site touch-up and repair of office and commercial furniture scheduled around your needs.  We offer quick, professional service to keep your office running smoothly.  We are also available after hours.


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 Insurance and Transit Claims

With decades of experience,  Waskiel Furniture Refinishing knows how nerve-wracking this process can be.  We will be glad to assist you in estimating repairs, restoration or refinishing of items damaged by fire, smoke, water, mildew or transit problems.  Single items or whole house, we can help you get your pieces back to their original beauty.  We can also arrange pick-up and delivery of your items.

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Furniture assembly and installation services available.

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 Pick-up and Delivery

Local pick-up and delivery is free.  Further travel can be arranged.  All pieces are wrapped and transported in clean safe vehicles.


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 Choosing a qualified Restoration and Refinishing Shop

How do you choose a qualified Restoration and Refinishing Specialist?  How do you find someone you can trust with your valuable pieces and family heirlooms?  There are 4 simple answers.

1) Ask to see the quality of their work.  Look at actual pieces of their completed work, not just samples.  Waskiel Furniture Refinishing has finished pieces in our workshop at all times for your review.

2) Ask to see their workshop.  Is it clean, safe, secure, and climate controlled?  Do you feel safe with you pieces there?

3) Ask for references.  Call the references!
Waskiel Furniture Refinishing has hundreds.

4) Price.  A competitive price is important, but be sure to check to value of your piece against the cost of restoration.  Know what you are spending before you spend too much.  Our prices are in writing, there are no surprises. 

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